17 June 2024, Monday

Claim Procedure

After any type of damage, the insured is required to notify the company within 5 business days of finding about the damage to begin the claim process. Following the claim, experts will be assigned by the company to assess the damage. It is required that all claim documents are sent/given to the Experts in order for them to finalize the claim as soon as possible.

Expert will send his/her report to the company after reviewing, assessing and evaluating the damage. Expert reports and all other claim documents submitted will be reviewed by the company and, if deemed necessary will request additional documents/information by the insured/agency and will complete the review and approval process.

In cases when experts are not required, the insured will be notified about the documents that will need to be submitted to finalize the claim process.

Special attention needs to be paid to the following;
The insured will need to take the necessary precautions to prevent further damages. The insurance agency will cover reasonable expenses towards reducing damages.

When a third party is involved in damage, the insured will need to present all the necessary information and documents for the claim.

If the client has different insurance policies with other insurance agencies, he/she is required to submit this documentation to the insurance agency.

Following Insurance information needs to be provided to the Insurance Agent during damage claim;
1. Policy Number
2. Name of the Insured
3. If a third party is involved their information
4. Date of damage
5. Place of damage
6. Cause of damage
7. Approximate cost of the damage
8. Address information for expert appraisement and name of the contact.

Please note that for car claims, expert appraisement will need to take place where the repair will take place.