17 June 2024, Monday

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)


DASK (The Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool) is a compulsory insurance issued by the Turkish Government. It is a ‘not for profit fund’ to provide insurance cover for properties within Turkey. It is designed to protect the government from the financial burden of a major earthquake and claims from property owners, develop earthquake awareness and to provide a fund to pay people whose properties have been damaged by the earthquake. The insurance is compulsory for all private dwellings including apartments in blocks and offices or other work spaces located within these types of buildings that are included on the land registry. A policy must be taken out every year and a fee paid.

DASK does not insure following buildings:

a-) Government buildings,

b-) Country side residential areas such as villages,

c-) Commercial buildings and industrial buildings ( such as factories and plants),

d-) Non construction certified buildings (This certificate)

e-) Buildings  with incomplete construction

f-) Buildings constructed on land parcels that are not registered and not owned by private parties

Scope of DASK Coverage?

The DASK insurance covers damage due to earthquake or side effects of earthquake materials are protected according to limits of the policy. DASK insurance also includes material damages and fire, explosion or landslide damages because of earthquake. It’s only the building insurance and covers damages of the building because of earthquake. These are: walls, out building and permanent structures, stairs, floors, ceilings, roofs and other permanent parts of buildings (Main walls, internal walls, chimney and etc.)

DASK won’t pay following cases: 

1-) Cost of ruin cleanings,

2-) Cost of rent or loss of business,

3-) Loss of contents and personal belongings,

4-) Personal injury (Death or personal damages of insured and third parties)

5-) Damages for pain and suffering