23 July 2024, Tuesday

Home Insurance

Konut Sigortası

Did you ever think that your home that covers you from cold, rain and other dangers needs its own protection? Home insurance coverage protects your house against all possible risks ranging from fire, lightning, theft, to storm.

And if you make no claims within the coverage period, you receive discounts in your premiums.

What is the scope of Home Insurance?

1-) Fire, lightning, explosion ( including natural gas ), smoke, fume and heat due to fire and/or explosion,

2-) Flood or submersion, internal water, storm, smoke, snow weight, Removal of Debris Expenses

3-) Vehicle Impact (Land and air)

4-) Strike, lockout, disorder, civil commotion, malicious acts and terrorism,

5-) Theft,

6-) Fire financial liability,

7-) Temporary alternative residence expenses,

8-) Index protection against inflation, Protection for under insurance, New Replacement value clause

Optional Coverages:

a-) Earthquake and volcanic eruption, Landslide, hail damage, Watercrafts impact,

b-) Personal Belongings, Assets located in the garage

c-) Electronical equipment, Machinery breakdown, Broken glass, İsolation damages

d-) 3rd Party Financial Liability, Personal Accident

e-) Loss of Rent

f-) Food adulteration due to electrical damages, damages caused by natural gas leakage

g-) Temporary alternative residence expenses

h-) Legal protection insurance